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Corporate Secretarial

As a valued partner to our client and knowing the importance to always listen - hear what client say, we provide useful information and services with a genuine interest in our clients.

Setting Up of Business Entity

Incorporation of Private Limited

FMD are able to express-incorporate your company in consideration of $580 for the following:

  • Application for the company's proposed name (inclusive of ACRA filing fees);
  • Registration of the company (inclusive of ACRA filing fees);
  • Generation of the company's business profile, common seal and two copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation;
  • Preparation of documents required for the company's opening of its initial bank account;
  • Preparation of resolution for the initial director's meeting by circulation and share certificate; and
  • Appointment of the company's secretary for the first 12 months (free of charge).

Additional fees for conversion of a sole-proprietorship and partnership to a private limited company, set up with foreign corporate shareholder and transport fees for appointment outside our office.

Setting Up of Other Entities

This category includes the setting up of sole-proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership and Society.

FMD offers the setting up services at the following consideration (exclude statutory application fees) :

: $150

: $200

Limited Liability Partnership
: $200

Limited Partnership
: $200

Appointment of Corporate Secretary

As per Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, every company must appoint a qualified company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation and this position must not be left vacant for more than 6 months.

The company secretary must be a natural person residing in Singapore, must not be the sole director of the company and must be appointed by the Board of Directors. In addition, the company secretary shall be a person who appears to the Board of Directors possessing the required knowledge and experience to perform its duties.

FMD offers the following services in consideration of $230 professional fee per annum :

  • Appointment as company secretary
  • General corporate advisory;
  • Preparation of director’s and shareholder’s resolution in connection with the company’s annual general meeting;

As per our fair pricing policy, additional service fee will be charged when there is request for other resolutions.

Appointment of Nominee Director

Under the Companies Act, every Private Limited company in Singapore must appoint at least one local resident** director. In the event that you do not have available local director for your company, FMD does provide Nominee Director services to assist company meeting the statutory requirement.

**A local resident can either be a Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or a pass holder who will worked in the company with local residential address.

Provision of Registered Address

A company shall as from the date of its incorporation have a registered office within Singapore to which all communications and notices may be addressed and which shall be open and accessible to the public for not less than 3 hours during ordinary business hours on each business day.

Registered address paid annually in advance                        : $200 per year plus a deposit of $50, or

Registered and mailing address paid annually in advance     : $250 per year plus a deposit of $50

Service fee and disbursement will be charged to send collected mails to client by postage/despatch etc

Closing of Company

There are a few ways to close a company:

  • 1) Striking off;
  • 2) Members’ voluntary winding-up;
  • 3) Creditors’ voluntary winding-up;
  • 4) Compulsory winding-up;
  • 5) Receivership;
  • 6) Judicial management;

Striking off is an efficient and cost effective channel to close a company, if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • - The company must have ceased trading or have not commenced business from the date of incorporation;
  • - The company must not have any outstanding tax liabilities with IRAS;
  • - The company must not be indebted to any other government agency;
  • - The company must not have any outstanding charges in its register of charges;
  • - The company must not be involved in any court proceedings within or outside Singapore;
  • - The director(s) must obtain the written consent of the majority of the shareholders;
  • - The company must not have any current/contingent assets and liabilities;
  • - The accounts attached must be drawn up till the date of cessation indicated in the application,if any;
  • - Company Limited by Guarantee must submit the last set of audited accounts.

Companies that are unable to satisfy all of the above conditions will be required to consider options (2) to (6).

Setting Up of Society

A society is formed by registering with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) under the Singapore Societies Act. Society can be defined as a club, company, partnership or an association, which is suitable for membership or volunteer-based group.

Requirement for Registration as Society

  • A minimum of 10 persons are required to form a society
  • Mandatory to appoint President, Secretary and Treasurer who should be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Must have constitution to govern the society

Setting Up of British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company

BVI is a popular location for offshore companies formation due to its strong political stability and low international profile.

Advantages for British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company :

  • Minimum 1 shareholder and 1 resident director
  • Income exempted from local tax
  • No minimum capital
  • No capital gains or withholding tax
  • No annual reporting or auditing
  • Offshore companies cannot engage business in BVI

*Shareholder(s), director(s) and corporate secretary can be same individual person or corporate entity.